1. formidlingsprodukt – Angela – Print publishing?

magazines, stackIn the age of digitalize everything – when most of your actions, interests and connections are online, we are seeing a rise in independent print publishing. Although still a costly production, independent publishers don’t scare away from making their voices heard. There are tons of magazines being published monthly, and although most of them do not make a profit, nor do many of them stay around for too long, it doesn’t seem to scare creators to put out the new printed matter.

So what are the possible reasons behind it?

First of all, there are plenty of low-cost, good-enough-quality printeries around the world, such as newspaperclub or print-on-paper. You can print your publication starting from one copy which resolves the problem of cost limitations, diminishing the problem of old school publishing processes, namely the risk of printing big editions that won’t sell.

Second, it is easy to find content and contributors using social media. Most people won’t say no to being published and there are plenty of artists and writers out there who are ready to contribute, even for free.

Third, distribution became easier, and reaching new audiences isn’t restricted to big media houses because of instagram and places like Stack, that would send your publication to people that are already interested in everything printed and independent.

Fourth, paradoxically, people are willing to pay a prince of a book for a simple magazine if they know it is independent. Maybe it’s in the age of digital that we finally start appreciating the printed matter.

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