Lessons learned about citizen involvement in climate change adaptation

Climate change adaptation and citizen involvement in Trørød, Denmark

By Karina Finch Schandorf Petersen

Photograph by Kim Matthai Leeland
Photograph by Kim Matthai Leeland

In 2015 a climate change adaptation project was established in Trørød, Denmark to handle the excessive amounts of rainwater in the area caused by heavy rain events. This has resulted in some useful lessons that other climate professionals could profit from.

The climate change adaptation project was originally planned to reduce water overflood to Maglemoserenden water stream, and the project is considered a success in relations to its hydraulic goals. A part of the project included citizen involvement since the project area is placed in a residential neighborhood. The project is a co-financed collaboration between the municipality of Rudersdal and the local provider. The result is some useful experiences with citizen involvement which other climate professionals could benefit from. Organizations like the Danish task force of Climate change adaptation and KLIKOVAND has allready been arranging trips to the area in Trørød amongst other project areas to share lessons learned and show examples of methods used with other municipalities and professionals working with climate projects.

Watch the video from Viekær here. 

The project is an interesting example of citizen involvement in a climate project because the citizens have had a great influence on the rain beds, which means that they have been invited to plant meetings, as well as having influence on shape, size and appearance of the rain beds. This has resulted in people taking ownership of the project and today  many of the rain bed plants are taken care of by the citizens themselves. Furthermore, the municipality made an effort trying to help the citizens detach rainwater from the sewer system on their private property, but this was not as successful.

The project solution involves rain beds, permeable pavements and Irish crossings. The rain beds are guaranteed under a 10-year rain-event but is dimensioned to have a greater capacity that that.

Source: Klikovand.dk

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